Amethyst is a stone that has been used for centuries to purify the body and clear up any incorrect tendencies or habits in one's consciousness. The stone has also been said to help one in spiritual awakening. Amethyst can be very beneficial when healing on an emotional level because it releases negative thoughts and feelings instantaneously.



Types of crystal healing


There are different ways in which people use crystals for healing purposes. For example, some people might prefer using them in their water for their entire family, while others might find them more useful when holding them in their hand or keeping them close to themselves.


This idea is that crystals emit electromagnetic frequencies that vibrate at a specific rate. When the heart beats, it emits electromagnetic frequencies, and if a person has a crystal on their body, it will start shaking. The crystals pick up the signals from the person's heartbeat and generate an electric signal to tell our brain about what's happening in our body.