3 Benefits of Pyrite

Pyrite is also known as “fool’s gold”, which is due to its brilliant gold color when in the ground. Pyrite can be found in ore deposits in copper and coal mines, where it is used in the production of sulfuric acid. It has been used for centuries in jewelry, vases, and religious artifacts. It was also once found to be worth more than gold but its popularity dwindled after the Bronze Age.

Masculine energy, manifestation action, vitality, willpower, creativity, confident 

CHAKRAS Solar Plexus (3rd)


PHYSICAL Supports male reproductive health, aids in fighting infection

EMOTIONAL Encourages mastering fear and taking assertive action 

SPIRITUAL Promotes positive attitude and strong resolve, banishes negativity 

Pyrite is an iron sulfide mineral with a cubic or octahedral crystal system I and a hardness of 6 to 6.5. Its name is derived from the Greek word for fire. Important deposits are in Italy, Spain and Peru. 

Pyrite is excellent for increasing the power of the third chakra in both men and women. It imparts an immediate increase in vitality. It enhances willpower, assisting one in overcoming bad habits and establishing new pat terns of health and positive energy. It aids one in overcoming anxiety and helps one establish a “can-do” attitude about whatever one has decided to attempt. It can screen out negative influences and give one the courage to banish them. Pyrite can be a helpful tool for balancing polarities and creating harmony within the auric field. Pyrite stimulates creativity in art, mathema tics, sculpture, architecture, science and other disciplines. It feeds the quali ties of ambition, commitment and persistence. It increases mental clarity and focus. It supports one in taking assertive action and developing the inner warrior for the benefit of the community. For men, it enhances masculinity and supports the sublime and enthusiastic expression of male eroticism. 

Pyrite harmonizes with Zincite and Carnelian for male sexuality. Prehn ite, Heliodor, Libyan Gold Tektite, Golden Labradorite and Citrine help Pyrite strengthen third chakra energies. For grounding purposes, Pyrite's ideal com panion is Hematite.